Content Management Solution

Build or buy? That's a great question! One faced by our clients on a regular basis and one we tackled many years ago. We started building custom Content Management Solutions before the dot com bomb and haven't stopped since.

We build custom solutions because we do not believe one size fits all. It's like using a wrench. If you are more comfortable with an open-end wrench that was designed to fit your needs rather than an adjustable wrench that just happened to be lying around the shop, then you've come to the right place. Don't get me wrong, we don't re-invent the wheel on every website we build but we do give you the opportunity to customize a website to fit your needs instead of adjusting your needs to fit our website.

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Image Library

We built the Ranta Consulting Image Library with you in mind. It's simple for you to manage and easy for your vendors to use. The original use for our Image Library was to provide access to your company's image assets to a select group of pre-approved individuals, usually vendors. While it is still used for that same purpose, we have found our clients enjoy using it to manage their website photo galleries as well. For that reason, we won't tell you how to use it, just as long as you use it and enjoy it, we're happy.

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