About Us

Ranta Consulting, Inc. is a team of experts. We are experienced web designers, web developers, and technology specialists who have proven our expertise over many years and many projects. Together we have successfully developed numerous websites and applications leveraging a wide range of systems and technologies. We have a reputation for always providing the right solution based on our clients' unique needs. It's something that makes us very proud.

Ranta Consulting was created by Kirk Ranta, an Application Developer who has specialized in the design and development of dynamic websites for more than 15 years. With an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science degree with an emphasis in Information Systems, Kirk is particularly adept at analyzing our clients' business challenges.

While we do spend the majority of our day in the virtual world, we still very much exist in the physical world. Our brick and mortar location is in the Village of La Mesa . It's a great place to work and play. We are also a proud member of the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce.